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About Us

Incorporated in 2005, Infinite Lifestyle formerly known as LFI Singapore was one of the fastest growing network companies in Singapore. In order to meet the demands of the different target segments, the company marketed its various product lines under the respective LF branding. These included the TCM naturopathy products under Long Far, anti-aging products under Laboratory Formula, technological products under Linac Fusion and lifestyle and jewellery products under Luxury Finesse. Every product under the company benefitted from considerable investments in product development and state-of-the art facilities operating in strict accordance to the rigorous quality management standards and industry benchmarks of excellence.

In 2008, the company ventured into wellness business and set up LFI Wellness Sanctuary - a holistic body shaping clinic that combines the best of East and West. The Sanctuary offered acupuncture slimming treatments along with weight management programs to help discerning customers solve weight and body issues whilst provided a holistic wellness for the customers.

In 2009, despite the tumultuous economic situation worldwide, LFI Singapore diversified into the jewellery business and launched Just Diamonds by DeFRED with its vision in bringing utmost value in retail diamonds. In view of the overwhelming response from its growing customer base, the company opened its Just Diamonds by DeFred flagship store at Marina Square in 2010.

In 2011, LFI Singapore officially rebranded itself as “Infinite Lifestyle” or inLife.

As a company, inLife is constantly vigilant with the ever changing business landscape to stay ahead of the competition. In 2013, the company restructured its team to focus on two major businesses under Infinite Gold and Lifestyle 360° Mall.

In recent years, gold is gaining its popularity among investors who seek for an alternative to paper currencies and financial assets. Investors look to gold as an asset class because it will always maintain an intrinsic value and it is often considered as a foundation asset within any long term savings or investment portfolio.

“Gold and economic freedom are inseparable. In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. Gold stands as the protector of property rights.”

- Alan Greenspan, “Gold and Economic Freedom”, The Objectivist, July 1966.

Gold has always been used in fashion as a jewellery to be worn as a symbol of status or as an intimate celebration of every man’s love to a woman who has then worn it, loved it and handed it down through countless generations. As such, inLife aspires to focus on the organic growth of its gold and jewellery business moving forward and thus rebrands Just Diamonds by DeFred to Infinite Gold.

In the same year, inLife seizes the opportunity to create Lifestyle 360° Mall, a one-stop destination social online shopping portal after seeing how consumers turned to the unrivalled convenience of online shopping. Lifestyle 360o Mall carries a good mix of retail products from jewelry, health and beauty, electronic items, FMCG and baby products. Its vision is to bring pleasing shopping experience at value price to diverse groups of buyers in Singapore and all over the world.